Is Sequel To Passion Of The Christ On The Horizon

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Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ might get a sequel.

Eight years after watching the phenomenal success of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”, Hollywood promoter and producer David Wood remains steadfast to a vision that he credits to God – the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ told by way of a major motion picture.

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Gibson’s movie depicted Jesus’ final 12 hours of his life, but alludes only briefly to his resurrection at the end.

Wood plans to produce what some in the Christian filmmaking community and beyond believe will be “God’s sequel” to the film, depicting the events surrounding the resurrection and the 40 days that followed.

“The Resurrection” will be unique in many ways, he told The Christian Post on Monday.

“The real power of Christianity is the risen Jesus,” Wood, 49, said. “Even though we all know that Christ went to the cross for our sins, it’s really the power of him resurrecting, which is the power of who we as Christians truly are. This second story is about this. It’s a story about love and hope. This is a much more positive story.”

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