10 Winter Foods That Fight Fat

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Bunches of carrotsIn some parts of the country, it’s so cold you don’t even want to step outside to make that trip to the gym and comfort foods are so just easy to grab these days. We get it. But there is a way to lose weight by eating certain foods this winter. Stock up your pantry this season with the following fat-fighting foods and stay fit!

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1. Cabbage

Cool weather brings out the “frost-kissed sweetness” of this fiber-rich and versatile veggie. Use as a low-cal wrap for lunch (blanch before rolling for a bit more malleability) or steam wedges and drizzle with flavored oil. If a dinner option is what you’re craving, try tossing shredded cabbage into a stir-fry.

2. Spinach

When it comes to weight loss, fiber is your friend — and spinach offers twice as much fiber as other greens. Plus, its antioxidants can promote increased energy levels on sluggish days. If nibbling the raw stuff doesn’t excite you, try it sautéed with garlic and olive oil.

3. Carrots

A crunchy stick dipped in hummus is a great go-to snack — but also try roasting, steaming or sautéing your carrots for hearty side dishes that won’t bust your belt. Replacing some of the meat on your dinner plate with veggies like carrots will help you cut calorie intake without going hungry.

4. Black kale

Spicier than the green variety, black kale is loaded with nutrients (including infection-fighting Vitamin A) and fiber. Sprinkle with salt and olive oil, then bake into chips that will slake your salt craving for only 35 calories per cup.

5. Winter squash

Kabocha, acorn, delicata are among the many varieties of winter squash that deliver a medley of flavors that are both low in calories and high in fiber. Puree with cinnamon and a few drops of maple syrup for a guiltless dessert. For an added weight-loss boost, scoop and roast the seeds, which contain the “good” monounsaturated fat that can help burn calories.

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