Tea Review - Coconut Pouchong

Just got my packet of 4 teas from Golden Moon Tea yesterday. I had been real anxious about it, since I ordered a few new flavors this time that I was really eager to try. The 4 teas I got were White Licorice (I had tried this before and loved it), Coconut Pouchong, Snow Sprout and Orchid Temple Oolong.

The Coconut Pouchong intrigued me because I am a big fan of young coconut milk. I love the delicate flavor that is so refreshing and takes me back to carefree summers in India. This tea promises to be a delicate blend of green tea with the nectar of young coconut, so I didn’t have to think twice before adding it to my shopping cart. Just opening the tin and whiffing the aroma of coconut was enough to put me in a heady trance. It is definitely not very subtle to smell, though the brewed tea translated into a very nicely subdued coconut flavor. It was not in the least as overpowering as the initial scent of the leaves had been and I highly recommend this tea as a blend of all the health benefits green tea has to offer with the awesome taste of young coconut that only adds and does not overwhelm the taste of the green tea.

The price is $15 for the tin of loose-leaf tea. Considering the fact that the tea can be rebrewed upto 3 times and you only require very little tea at a time to make a satisfying cup, I consider the price extremely reasonable.

Caution: Remember not to over-brew the tea. That will only release the bitterness of green tea and intensify the coconut flavor.