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Well, in case you were wondering, the move went just fine. We even managed to get the cable/internet dude here on Move-In Day (Wednesday).

Unfortunately, aside from knowing how to dial his office and tell them to turn our service on, he didn’t seem to understand anything else about his job. Install an additional outlet? Sorry, he didn’t have the right tools. Put a new plug into an existing outlet that lacked one? Easy enough, except he didn’t hook the new plug onto the cable wire within the wall. Get the internet service working? Oooh, sorry. The prior owners had scheduled their disconnect for Friday, so ours couldn’t get turned on until then. Friday came and went, and we still didn’t have internet service.

So, this morning Hubby called the cable office and they sent someone right out to get our internet working. But, as for those other outlets, that would require a second appointment on Tuesday. Lovely.

Luckily, the guy who came today knew what he was doing. Five minutes in the house, and he had the internet up and the other outlets working. Plus, the cable modem he hooked up is the latest model and it’s blindingly fast. Rock on!

So, I’ll be posting the Snark Hunt tonight.* Sorry for the delay. Having already read most of the entries, I can assure you it’s worth the wait!

*UPDATE: On second thought, since I still can’t even make my way comfortably through my kitchen and my son can’t find any of his clothes for preschool until I finish unpacking a bit more, I’m going to hold off on the Snark Hunt a bit longer. Instead of posting it tonight, we’ll do a double-whammy Snark Hunt this Wednesday. That means there’s still time to get your entries in and, if you’ve already submitted one, you can go ahead and submit another, too!